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"Rebuild the Party" will push the next Republican National Committee chair, chosen in January, to make bridging the digital divide between the two parties the top priority. They'll be encouraging the candidates for RNC chair to sign an eventual technology plan, to be hatched by these activists and others who submit ideas. Read More

Rather than pointing fingers and assigning blame... a group of young conservative activists have issued a manifesto of sorts that challenges the next head of the Republican National Committee to embrace the Internet as a method of political organizing in the same way that the Obama campaign effectively did for the last 20 months. Read More

A group of prominent and ideologically diverse young Republicans are banding together to call for dramatic change within the party. [T]hey're launching a website... and will ask RNC chairman candidates to support their platform, which puts a premium on Internet organizing and technology. Read More | Our Team | Action Network | Blog | Submit Your Idea |