2023’s Best Bathroom Trends for Your Next Renovation

by Richard

When the time comes to renovate your bathroom, a quick search online can quickly turn into an outdated search that doesn’t actually help you in the design process. In order to get the best from your bathroom, it’s important to be aware of the current trends and decide if you want to go down a trendy route or down a more classic route. In addition, being aware of what’s going out of trend and why can help you make an educated decision.

Here’s What’s Trending in 2023

 Back to Relaxation

One of the biggest trends coming onto the market is to make a bathroom that is welcoming, warm and comforting. This is no surprise after a few stressful years during the peak of the pandemic, and the best place to unwind, have a bath, and do your self-care, is the bathroom.

But how do you create a place that is safe and comforting? This is a personal preference if you want the feeling of luxury, you can have subfloor heating or a high bathtub. On the other hand, if you like cosy bathrooms, warm colours and comfortable fixtures will be great.

Colour is In

You’ve seen the photos of beige, white and grey bathrooms everywhere. But with an oversaturation, comes a sense of boredom. This is why we’re seeing colour come back to bathrooms. The most common colours seen in bathrooms are natural colours like green, blue and brown. These colours are nurturing and calm, giving the bathroom a very comfortable, natural feeling that connects you to the great outdoors. However, if you like softer, feminine hues: lilac, powdery blue and other such colours are also in trend.

Smart Bathrooms Are In

As technology and homes merge further, people are splurging to incorporate smart aspects into their homes. One of the biggest products people are investing in is sensor taps, allowing for hands-free use. On top of this, there are also smart shower mixers that let you get the water to the best temperature from the get-go. These options are great for busy people on the go.

Tiling is Everything

If you’ve looked online, you’ve noticed tiling taking over. This has been happening for a year now, but innovating tiling is a trend that’s here to stay. This trend is when you take a simple small square tile and then tile your space in a unique manner, often angling the tile or choosing colours that are one of a kind. This signals the end of the cold and clinical themes of the past and welcomes a more unique, personality-driven approach to homes.

Fantastic Textures

Following on from the last trend, incorporating textures into spaces is now a great way to add personality to the home, and this is no different in the bathroom. In addition to tiles, we’re seeing bathroom-safe textures come into homes. These textures include concrete surfaces, unique hardware for door knobs and roll holders and vibrant cabinetry that incorporates panels, wooden artwork and more.

Your Space is All You

It can be overwhelming to undertake bathroom renovations with so many trends in mind. The most important thing to remember is that the bathroom is yours, so it should reflect you and your personal taste as well as the way you will be using it.

If you need any help with your Melbourne bathroom renovations, MW Homes is here to help. They can handle all the renovation work, allowing you to sit back, relax and watch your dream bathroom come to life!

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